Lesleigh Goldberg


Born: Denver Colorado

Bachelor of Fine Arts University of Pennsylvania

Master of Fine Arts University of Pennsylvania 

                       In sculpture




  • San Francisco County Museum of Art
  • Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  • Crafts Museum of New York
  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Tour De Cardineau, Isle Sur la Sorge, France
  • Gallery Carole Brimmaud, Paris, France
  • Kimball Art Center, Park City, Utah
  • Visual Arts Gallery, Habitat Center, New Delhi, India
  • Art and Soul Gallery, Mumbai, India
  • Pandora Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Adler Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

Works are in private collections in U.S.A., Europe, & India



About Lesleigh

Born in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A, and formally trained as a sculptor, with a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Fine Arts from University of Pennsylvania; Lesleigh Goldberg’s life and work is a true reflection of an international artist who transcends boundaries and is at home across the world. From her roots in America to her work in France, Southeast Asia, Croatia and now India, Lesleigh’s art practice draws its strength from her immediate landscape.

Lesleigh has exhibited her work extensively in France and in the United States. Her work brings together the Muses that inspire the creation of literature and art in Grecian mythology alongside the Navarasa, the nine essences fundamental in the creation of almost all forms of Indian art.


Lesleigh's Work

Through the lens of her camera Lesleigh closely observes and absorbs life’s myriad change of course. Several images taken over different spans of time in different worlds find themselves cohabiting the same space. Lesleigh uses the computer to manipulate, morph, juxtapose, contextualize and de-contextualize layered meanings in her photographs.

Since living in New Delhi, Lesleigh has been working on images using a nude and placing her in surreal environments, dream like and mysterious. These images very often incorporate architectural elements, the sky, and the sea photographed during the artists travels across the world. The sky in Lesleigh’s art foregrounds and envelops the nude sitter, the visual imagery transporting us into unknown realms both imagined and real, from both the artist’s perspective and from our own hopes and fears.

The Female is a theme that permeates her work. There is also the scuptor‘s need to express three dimensionality. Thus the ‘Crucifix‘ series, incuding infanticide, have come into being. The works are made in ceramic and mounted on plexi-glass. These powerful sculptures express womens repression and persecution since the beginning of time. They represent the inequality and prejudice that women face in life that continues to this day.